Online Application

Apply for your IRD Number in 4 easy steps:

Apply on-line
Make an online payment
Check your e-mail
Download the completed form and follow the instructions
Provide the required info.
Payment Methods: Credit Card
You will receive an e-mail with further steps in less than 24 hours
Sign the form and gather your ID documents to finish the submission process

You're almost done!

The completed PDF application is one of a few documents which has to be submitted when applying for IRD number. Once you have finished all 4 steps, submit your application by post/email or take the form for an 'In-person verification' depending on your residential status.
Thanks to our service we assure you that you will be able to fill out the form to request your IRD correctly. If you think you can fill it out on your own without our help please go to the official government website.

What is an IRD number?

An IRD number is a unique eight or nine digit number that you receive from the New Zealand Ministry of Finance, and it is used by the Treasury Department, banks and financial institutions, government departments and employers to identify you for tax purposes. It's very important as all your tax, entitlement and personal details are related to this number and are saved securely with the Inland Revenue Department.

You will need an IRD number for any of these cases:

- You will become an employee in New Zealand, earning incomes from any source.
- You set up and run a business in New Zealand.
- Receive a benefit or pension.
- Join KiwiSaver (a work-based savings initiative).
- You open a bank account in New Zealand.
- You register for Working for Families Tax Credits.
- You register for a student loan or son support.
- File tax returns.
- Buy, sell or transfer any New Zealand Property.

You can request an IRD number by filing our IRD application form for resident individual. This form needs to be completed if you are a New Zealand citizen or residence class visa holder. You will need a bank account in New Zealand before requesting your IRD number.

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